Electives and Workshops

We offer advanced improv and sketch classes as well as focused workshops for honing writing and performance skills. These are an opportunity to work specific comedy muscles over a single session or a few sessions.

Current Ex-Boyfriend Workshops

Current Ex Boyfriend.jpg

The 2017 UCB Three on Three Improv Tournament Champs are coming to DC with two workshops: Emotional & Physical Commitment and Character Matching. While the titles are fairly self-explanatory, these workshops will focus getting players fully invested in scenes as individuals and expand to work on character agreement in fully fledged scenes.

Instructors: Brielle DeMirjian, Jessica Morgan, Jenny St. Angelo

Instructor Bios:

Brielle Grace DeMirjian (“Brielle” to friends) is precisely 5’3” but actively insists she is 5'6". Her eyes and hairs are brown. Her teeth are orthodontically corrected. She has two sisters, a brother, two parents, and an oxford comma. Brielle Grace DeMirjian is of Armenian descent, and suffers from no major food-borne allergies. Her face is home to 11 freckles, and her hands are 8mm longer than the universal average. In addition to being right-handed from birth, Brielle Grace DeMirjian has always shown a proclivity toward dressing in clothing and speaking the English language. She participated in the sport of tee ball during her elementary school years with very little success. She is thrilled to be performing with her Lloyd team seventeen at UCB East Village and with her indie teams St. Louis Rams and Brief Dragon all over the city.

Jessica Morgan is a New York City based actress. She has had the privilege of studying comedy at UCB under the tutelage of Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Gavin Speiller, Shannon O'Neill, Michael Delaney, Abra Tabak and Stephen Ruddy. Jessica has performed on the UCB stage with her previous teams Musk, Big Revival, 32K, Brightlight and Some Kid. She can now be seen every Friday at UCB East Village with Bucky. You can also find Jessica singing her face off on the UCB stage with Rumpleteaser, or performing for college students across the nation with UCB TourCo. Tell her where the best nachos are in New York City and gain a friend for life.

Jenny St. Angelo performs for the UCB Theater on Harold Night with team Ice Cold Bev and is a former member of TourCo. You can see her in MTV.com's "Decoded", on Above Average, as the weird face in many Reductress articles, in internet commercials, TV commercials, and as a featured host on the app MikMak. You can see her videos on www.jennysaint.com Follow her on the tweeter @jstangelo

**SOLD OUT** Emotional & Physical Commitment Workshop will be Saturday, 3/16/2019 and will meet 2:30-5:30PM at Dojo Comedy, 3503 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

**SOLD OUT** Character Matching Workshop will be Sunday, 3/17/2019 and will meet 11:00AM-2:00PM at Dojo Comedy, 3503 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010

Workshop: Ground and Pound

Activate your scenes! In this workshop we will focus on finding a world for the fun to exist in as soon as possible and playing that world for all it's worth.

Next offering:  TBD

Instructor: Murphy McHugh


Workshop: Back In Time 3-Week Workshop

This workshop focuses on a medium-longform format called Back In Time, essentially longformizing the short form game Back In Time. As played, the formatic focus will be on making game-informed choices that create an inverted lineage of events. It'll be a fun challenge.

Next offering: TBD--if interested, email classes@dojocomedy.com!

Instructor: Murphy McHugh




Past Workshops

Numerous Instructors have come to Dojo Comedy to lead workshops including:

Improv Bootcamp with Kevin Mullaney

Satire Writing with Reductress' Sarah Pappalardo

Patterns and Games with Patrick Gantz

The Slacker with Matt Starr

Big Screen Improv with Kristina Martinez and Neil Baron

Solo Characters with Amanda Xeller

Mask with JC Calcerano

Alan Thicke 3-Week Workshop with JC Calcerano

Harpo and Zeppo with Abe Woycke

Improv in Motion with Ian Farley

Structured Monoscene with Ian Farley