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In the Way + Improv Jones + Mango Side Hustle

Improv comedy from some of DC's top performers.

In the Way + Improv Jones + Mango Side Hustle

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In the Way

Seven independently operated improv buddies. The only thing sexy about us is the way we edit. (Anne Jordan, Emilyann Key, Svend Larsen, Chris Lewitzke, Turner Meeks, Hannah Osborne, Isabelle Solomon)

Improv Jones

We do improv that inspires us to dig deep and go to Midlands after the show. (Jesse Chimes, Robin Doody, Elizabeth Fulton, Ryan Krull, Adam Levine, Samantha Schifrin)

Mango Side Hustle

Mango Side Hustle’s high-energy, character-driven improv winds through worlds with the biting sweetness of a mango and the surprising variety of a compilation album. (Molly Ferns, Kerry Greco, Cate Minichino, Spencer Orenstein, Josh Thomas)

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