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37 Puppies + Grandma's Fire Blanket + Trust Issues

Improv comedy from some of DC's top performers.

37 Puppies + Grandma's Fire Blanket + Trust Issues


37 Puppies

Sit. Stay. Enjoy. (Eileen Breslin, Justin Carty, Béatrice Leydier, Spencer Orenstein, Kristen Timko, Sarah Wilson)

Grandma's Fire Blanket

Grandma's Fire Blanket is a tight-knit handful of weirdos who perform the Dusty format. (Adam Levine, Oona MacDougall, Turner Meeks, Sabrina Shahmir, Isabelle Solomon, Abel Vandegrift, Liz Williams)

Trust Issues

Decently funny. Moderately sweaty. Amateur lasagna sommeliers. (Maddie Black, Kalynn Chambers, Matt Coit, Niv Elis, Laura Feild, John Grobarek, Taylor Kniffin, Max Makovetsky)

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