Corporate Training

Are you interested in bringing Dojo Comedy to your workplace? The same processes used onstage and in the classroom can also apply to the boardroom, the office, even the loading dock or Henry's private bathroom. Our instructors are available to lead you and your workers through workshops emphasizing teamwork, public speaking, and communication, and it's a pretty good time.
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School Workshops

Does your school have an improv or sketch team? Are you trying to start one? Our instructors have worked in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges, teaching workshops on everything from fundamentals to advanced scenework and writing. Whether you are just learning the basics or sharpening your skills, we'd love to come in and help; we have workshops dedicated to group bonding as well as theatrical performance and creative writing and we make sure to keep it fun and educational.
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Event Performances

Do you have an event or function coming up that would benefit from a sketch or improv performance? We have teams or improvisers and sketch performers who are happy to accommodate, so let us know the details and we'll let you know what we can do for you.
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Are you writing something that you want punched up with laughs? We have creative humorists, sketch writers, and general jokesters who we can pair with you to help mold your work into a funnier product. So, if you're working on jokes, sketches or skits, speeches, or even commercials, and you want a little help, reach out to us and let us know what we can do for you.
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