Enter DC's tournament of longform improv! Cagematch DC is inspired by the original Cagematch, created by Kevin Mullaney and developed in Chicago at the iO and then at UCB in New York and LA. This weekly show pits two teams against each other in direct competition for audience votes.

Each team gets 25 minutes no more no less. At the end of the show, the audience votes and a winner in announced. That winner comes back the next week to defend their title. At the end of the season, the teams with the most wins will face off in a tournament of champions. Wins and votes will be tallied and recorded and lead to seeding for that tournament, but those are details we can get into later.

For Cagematch DC, the weekly showtime will be Thursdays at 10PM at Dojo Comedy, 3503 Georgia Avenue NW.

Season 1 begins Thursday, November 9.

If your team would like to compete, please fill out the form for Season 1. This is not a mash-up kind of show, so please submit teams that rehearse and perform longform. Know that we will randomize order for teams and set a schedule based on that randomized order. There will be weeks when this show doesn't happen (almost all holiday-related) and that's that.

Season 1 Tournament Schedule 

November 9: BEST PARTY EVER vs. Couch Money

*BEST PARTY EVER advances* 

November 16: BEST PARTY EVER vs. Mordipus 

*Mordipus advances*

November 30: Subsidized Corn (Redux) vs. Mordipus

*Mordipus advances*

December 7: Pamplemousse vs. Mordipus

*Mordipus advances*

December 14: The Tramps vs. (12/7 winner)

*Mordipus advances*

January 4: Mr. and Mrs. Major vs. Mordipus

*Mordipus advances*

January 11: Mason Improv Association vs. Mordipus

*Mason Improv Association advances*

January 18: Bottom Shelf vs. Mason Improv Association

*Mason Improv Association advances, but forfeits before next round* 

January 25: Bottom Shelf vs. Trustfall 

*Trustfall adances* 

February 1: Ladies & Company vs. Trustfall 

*Trustfall adances* 

February 8: Ur Mom's Address vs. Trustfall 

*Trustfall adances* 

February 15: Fat American Vampires vs. Trustfall 

*Trustfall adances* 

February 22: Pizza Party vs. Trustfall