Electives and Workshops

We offer advanced improv and sketch classes as well as focused workshops for honing writing and performance skills. These are an opportunity to work specific comedy muscles over a single session or a few sessions.

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Matt Starr Workshop - The Slacker

The Slacker: Want to do an improv form that's fast and fun? This one is all tag-outs to explore the weirdest character on stage.

Intructor Bio:

Matthew Starr is a UCB House Writer/Performer from the veteran team Mermaids and an alum of the UCB Touring Company.

Workshop will be Friday, 8/24/2018 and will meet 3:30-6:30PM at Dojo Comedy, 3503 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010


Workshop: Ground and Pound

Activate your scenes! In this workshop we will focus on finding a world for the fun to exist in as soon as possible and playing that world for all it's worth.

Next offering:  TBD

Instructor: Murphy McHugh


Workshop: Back In Time 3-Week Workshop

This workshop focuses on a medium-longform format called Back In Time, essentially longformizing the short form game Back In Time. As played, the formatic focus will be on making game-informed choices that create an inverted lineage of events. It'll be a fun challenge.

Next offering: TBD--if interested, email classes@dojocomedy.com!

Instructor: Murphy McHugh




Past Workshops

Numerous Instructors have come to Dojo Comedy to lead workshops including:

Improv Bootcamp with Kevin Mullaney

Satire Writing with Reductress' Sarah Pappalardo

Patterns and Games with Patrick Gantz

Solo Characters with Amanda Xeller

Mask with JC Calcerano

Alan Thicke 3-Week Workshop with JC Calcerano

Harpo and Zeppo with Abe Woycke

Improv in Motion with Ian Farley

Structured Monoscene with Ian Farley