Electives and Workshops

We offer advanced improv and sketch classes as well as focused workshops for honing writing and performance skills. These are an opportunity to work specific comedy muscles over a single session or a few sessions.

L2+ Practice Sessions

An opportunity for experienced students to get coached reps with a focus on the L2 scenework style taught at Dojo Comedy. These are open to anyone who has completed the L2 class. 12 participants per session max.


Workshop: 7-Part Yes-And


This workshop isolates your Yes-And muscles to improve the starts of your organic scenes by adding information and making choices to help lock down your world as soon as possible.

Next offering: TBD

Instructor: Murphy McHugh


Workshop: Alan Thicke 3-Week Workshop

This will be a format-driven 3-week workshop working on the Alan Thicke format taught by JC Calcerano, DC's leading teaching and coaching force for the Alan Thicke. This format provides structure related to all scenework but is especially relevant to those interested in Monoscene.

Next offering: TBD--if interested, email classes@dojocomedy.com!

Instructor: JC Calcerano

Workshop: Ground and Pound

Activate your scenes! In this workshop we will focus on finding a world for the fun to exist in as soon as possible and playing that world for all it's worth.

Next offering:  TBD

Instructor: Murphy McHugh


Workshop: Back In Time 3-Week Workshop

This workshop focuses on a medium-longform format called Back In Time, essentially longformizing the short form game Back In Time. As played, the formatic focus will be on making game-informed choices that create an inverted lineage of events. It'll be a fun challenge.

Next offering: TBD--if interested, email classes@dojocomedy.com!

Instructor: Murphy McHugh


Workshop: Harpo & Groucho: Mirroring and Matching Your Way to Scene

Use your scene partner's choices as your own and yes-and your way to fun scenes where you and your scene partner hang-ten on the waves of shared character perspective together.

Next offering: TBD--if interested, email classes@dojocomedy.com!  

Instructor: Abe Woycke



Past Workshops

Numerous Instructors have come to Dojo Comedy to lead workshops including:

Solo Characters with Amanda Xeller

Mask with JC Calcerano

Improv Bootcamp with Kevin Mullaney