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Brick Penguin Halloween Show

  • Dojo Comedy 3503 Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20010 United States (map)

Hell is out there, people, and we need to be ready to go there. Whether you think it’s a lake of fire, an eternal torture chamber, or Buffalo, you’d better start packin’. We think we have a pretty good idea what’s in store for us when we’re forced to answer for ourquestionable sketch comedy and that other thing we did on Arbor Day. Our hell is an arcade where some kid you really hate just beat your high score in skee ball and everyone is saying you’re not the champion anymore so you start pumping quarters in but you keep rolling 10s or, even worse, you tip off the 50s and drop down to the ten. And you keep getting frustrated because Eric is laughing at you and bragging to Kim Fitzpatrick about how awesome he is at skee ball. The more frustrated you get the more it knocks you off your game and you are now sometimes throwing the skee balls off the track entirely. And you just get madder and madder because Kim probably thinks he’s such a great skee ball player when it was all luck and now she’s never gonna want to be in your group for the language arts project… ah… I hate ERIC!… Anyway. Come celebrate your inevitable damnation at our annual HALLOWEEN SHOW on Saturday, Oct 24 (8pm and 10pm) at Dojo Comedy. All brand new sketches! There’ll be goblins, and demons, and hot nurses, and all the other things we associate with the Devil.

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Earlier Event: October 24
Brick Penguin Halloween Show
Later Event: October 29
Helper Pony + The Female Accent